illumos News: November 7, 2012

AMI: OmniOS stable r151004 - OmniOS builds on illumos to make a complete operating system.

  • Provides users with a familiar, installable operating system with a minimal package set to ease regulatory compliance
  • Delivers a self-hosting, environment with simplified processes for ongoing maintenance
  • Third-party software components that are delivered with the core are up-to-date (gcc/4.6.3, OpenSSL/1.0.1)
  • A more consistent, dual instruction set support (x86 and x86-64)
  • A simple and supported environment for managing custom repositories with your software packages.


XStreamOS: An Illumos Kernel Based Operating System – “At Sonicle, we decided to make our own operating system based on the Illumos kernel after Sun Microsystems was acquired by Oracle. We had years of delivering solutions to our clients around Solaris 8, 9 and 10. Now, we can deliver more through our own operating system featuring ZFS. And XStreamOS is the basic component of our other products, such as XStream Server and XStream Storage, already deployed and running at our customers offices as Enterprise solutions.

illumos hackathon 2012: user-land types for DTrace – “At the illumos hackathon last week, Robert Mustacchi and I prototyped better support for manipulating user-land structures. As anyone who’s used it knows, DTrace is currently very kernel-centric — this both reflects the reality of how operating systems and DTrace are constructed, and the origins of DTrace itself in the Solaris Kernel Group. Discussions at dtrace.conf(12) this spring prompted me to chart a path to better user-land support. This prototype of copyin-automagic was a first step.” – Adam Leventhal

…and SmartOS-specific news can be found on the SmartOS blog.

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